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Why not join the BeScience STEM family and become one of our Champions? We are always looking for people to aid keep the movement going with their excitement,creativity and fresh ideas.

Not all volunteers have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background. We like to have a variety of expertise and people with little or no experience in the STEM field are welcome - it's what makes us unique.

Don't panic! We don't just throw you into the deep end... We offer training sessions throughout the year, equipping you with all that is necessary to make you a BeScience Champ.


We run an intergenerational volunteering programme. Our committed and inspirational volunteers lead our work. We are passionate about creating an intergenerational community so work with volunteers of all ages, particularly encouraging those over 65 to participate along with students and professionals in work. We create an outstanding experience for our volunteers, offering practical support such as covering their expenses and providing them opportunities for personal growth via training sessions etc.

We have volunteers donating an hour of their time, to over 25 hours a week.

With the first few weeks of volunteering at STEM Juniors Jessica held a CV, Cover letter and LinkedIn session. I had the opportunity to talk to other volunteers who were in the same position as me, which grew to become a support network. I am now in employment and truly grateful to Jessica and the BeScience team, who I now regard as family.
— Beena (STEM Juniors Support Volunteer)
Having Aspergers I struggled to interact socially with people, I started volunteering in the STEM Juniors programme and have made great friends on the team. I am also more confident in talking to people in social environments and it has given me the confidence to join a society at university…volunteering with BeScience STEM has been life changing.
— Mia, 3rd Year university student

If you think you may have something to offer please do get in touch.Please fill in a form by clicking below and we will get back to you: