The STEMsocial conference inspired and empowered GCSE and A level students.It was a tool to connect students to the STEM industry, inspire and introduce them to a youth-centric world of innovation. The content of the educational conference was deliberately designed to bridge the gap between the STEM industry and education, by going beyond the classroom and influence the values, interests and lifestyles of young people for generations. The conference unveiled the keys to success via our elite industry guest talkers, drawn from academia, and media, selected based on their intellectual contribution to demonstrate thought-provoking presentations.

Key features included:

Keynote Speakers: The keynote speaker inspired the audience with their captivating, yet relatable story. A nationally recognised STEM advocate, which left the attendees inspired to take a chance and believe in one self.


Social Interaction: As well as being able to tweet the DJ music requests to keep everyone buzzing through-out the event, attendees also had the opportunity to use their social media to interact with the individuals on the panel and join in the discussion. This enabled them to get answers to questions immediately, making the experience more personalised and impactful for each student.


Awesome Exhibitors: There were different exhibitors from organisations which directly relates to STEM or organisations which aided in being a stepping stone to getting the students closer to their dream STEM career e.g. universities and career support organisations.