BeScience STEM are hosting a tour visiting secondary schools in London for young people aged between 11-18 from Monday 5th to Friday 9th March 2018. During the tour we will be celebrating aspirational leaders, disruptors, changemakers and entrepreneurs. The tour will also mark a call to action for getting more young people to embrace their differences and uniqueness in order to make changes in their own lives, empower them to achieve and influence their community.

Our mission on this tour is to inspire, empower and equip young people to reach their dreams and goals and become leaders in their community. The ultimate goal is to empower young people by getting them to  recognise their strengths, embrace their differences and make positive changes in their community


Our Goals


By having different inspirational speakers, talking about their different stories and journeys, the audience will  be inspired to step forward and make their own changes in their communities.


To empower the young people with available opportunities and to help them grow their network. During the tour, we will be offering young people the chance to share their idea on a recognisable platform, a TEDx stage. They will also have the opportunity to win technology gadgets such as laptops and dictaphones to assist them  in their journey of pressing for progress against all odds.


To offer young people free resources in the form of printables and downloadable documents that will help them with their journey to greatness. Leaving the young audience with a variety of resources that can be used to actively support them in making changes, based on what inspires them to make that change.. To empower them to think big and to act on these big ideas immediately!