LibraryLAB is our award winning program, which had its first pilot in Leicester 2016.
The program involves visiting community libraries exploring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects using our unique, structured, exploration methods. It is mainly catered towards the younger age groups and families, however, the activities are versatile and can be adapted for whomever attends.

Feature 1

On a Saturday, the library being visited is turned into a miniature laboratory, with the support of volunteers from different educational backgrounds. If you would like to volunteer more details can be found on our volunteering page.


The seven LibraryLAB pilot tour had a great turnout of more than 500 attendees in total, age ranging 3-60+. This tour was supported by O2 Think Big and DMU Square Mile.


If your university or organisation would like to support or collaborate with us to provide a LibraryLAB in your region, please contact us.

The BeScience activity sessions in Leicester Libraries have generated real excitement and interest in science- the overall reaction from both children and parents has been that the sessions were interesting and fun. One quote sums up its success in delivering science in a community setting- ‘I thought it was for proper brainy people but it was great’. This has enabled our libraries to deliver one of our key objectives-Informal Learning Outside School.
— Paul Gobey (Leicester Area Development Manager and Neighborhood Services)