Creative KidsLAB

BeScience STEM is a very exciting and innovative movement. We love creating unique programmes for varied audiences. Most of our collaborations/workshops are in the form of a Creative KidsLAB.

Creative KidsLAB is our award winning popup workshop held in busy public locations like shopping centres and community centres. They are usually 2 day workshops with a variety of free STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities for the whole community to participate in. After the STEM-tastic event the attendees get a funky photo taken as a keepsake which is also usually published on our Facebook page.

Previous events have taken place at Leicester Highcross shopping centre and Brent Cross shopping centre. With this programme being so versatile, we are open to visiting different city venues to enable the BeScience STEM movement to have wider outreach. If you would like us to visit your city, please get in touch.


Currently we have collaborated on and held workshops with several organisations:


Case study 1: DMU Square Mile academic year 2015/16

DMU Square Mile  is an award winning department at De Montfort University. We worked with them to plan several Creative KidsLAB events and offered students opportunities to volunteer within BeScience STEM programmes.
‘I jumped at the chance to get involved with BeScience STEM through DMU Square Mile. I got to build on my interpersonal skills and it’s something I’m proud to put on my CV’
— Farhannah Ali (Student Volunteer)

Case study 2: STEM Zone at LCIL choice event

We had the privilege to plan and provide the STEM zone at the LCIL choice event.
We had several STEM themed activities laid out and our good old skeleton, Fred. A variety of people had fun participating in a type of event not usually freely available to them.
‘I liked the sugar and honey table. Who knew the skin is made up of layers, like an onion *giggles*. I will be exfoliating naturally more often with these natural ingredients.
— Rushida (Choice Unlimited attendee)

Case study 3: ENGxTECH Creative Kidslab

Sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, we had the privilege of hosting a collaborative Creative KidsLAB at the BBC Leicester offices focusing on the Engineering and Technology side of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).