Why Children Should Learn to Code

There is nothing more important than preparing your children for the future. Digital skills are becoming necessary to not only succeed but to understand the ever changing world around us. Technology is shaping the future and the children of today are the developers, engineers and scientists of tomorrow. The ability to code is not only a high demand skill, it’s also a fun way to enhance creativity and critical thinking. Here are a few reasons why kids should learn to code.

Career Opportunities

A high percentage of STEM related jobs are in programming or computing and this is unlikely to change. With the world becoming more and more reliant on technology, these skills are in high demand. It’s important that children and young adults are given the opportunity to learn these skills as early as possible to not only help them become more aware of the world around them but to also equip them with the necessary skills should they wish to pursue a STEM related career.

Improves Creativity and Problem Solving

The ability to code can be very empowering. The ability to create a game, an app or even a simple website opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. Coding also involves critical thinking and problem solving, the ability to approach a complex problem and solve it logically is a great skill for a child to develop. Coding is challenging and encourages children to learn from their mistakes and persevere to find solutions. Skills such as these are highly beneficial and can be applied to other areas of academic learning.

Encourages Teamwork and Collaboration

Creating software applications, building websites and designing apps are often done collaboratively, not by one single mind. The same can be said for many basic coding challenges and games. Solving problems as a group and working towards a goal collectively helps children develop valuable team work skills that will not only help them throughout their education but also throughout their future career.

Skills for the Future

There is no denying the importance of computer skills, people from all different ages and backgrounds are now showing an interest in programming and computer science as it is not only enjoyable, it also helps to develop a core set of skills. Many of the skills obtained from learning programming concepts are essential for any future profession. Teaching kids to code at young age will help to equip them with vital skills for the future, regardless of the career they decide to pursue.

Coding is Fun

Coding doesn't have to be difficult or complex. In fact, it’s really fun! Learning to program is becoming more accessible to children as there are many applications available that incorporate the concepts of programming in a fun, enjoyable and interesting way. There are many tutorials and games available that are designed to teach children the basics of coding using a simple, easy to understand interface. Many of these applications utilise graphics and animation to make learning more fun. Applications such as Scratch, Kodable, Tynker, Daisy the Dinosaur and Kodu are a great way to introduce children to coding.

Written by Emma Schwartz