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About Us

BeScience STEM is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation providing means of creatively exploring STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with the whole community, to change common misconceptions. There are different programs and events available for the community, catering for different age groups and interests, making STEM accessible to all.


‘Overall, I think the above 3 [her children above the age of 3] have had a great day. The BeScience forum is a great way of getting science knowledge out there to children who are like sponges at the moment and hopefully will maintain their interest in learning as they become older.’

Shivam Keahs, Mother


The BeScience STEM Mission

- Bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to communities that do not currently have the opportunity to experience different aspects of STEM and to explore career choices
- Explore the STEM subjects creatively
- Ignite STEM excitement in the community and family
- Offer students and local enthusiast the opportunity to teach STEM to the community

Where It Started...


During secondary school, Jessica was in the frustrating position of being extremely interested in the sciences yet struggling to get good grades in them. She felt unsupported by her teachers, who told her that she was simply not gifted in these subjects. After being predicted an E for GCSE Maths and U for the sciences, she knew that she needed to do something to improve her academic prospects...

She decided that if she wanted to do well, she would simply have to find a way of making these subjects accessible to her. And she did: at home, she created projects and approached problems from different angles to break down hard modules.

As the topics increasingly began to make sense, she realised that she was not untalented but simply learnt in a different way to her peers. She achieved an A* in Maths, along with 5As and 5Bs.

“I realised that it wasn’t about being born with the ‘smart gene’ or being naturally good or bad at a subject.”

She began to realise how necessary it was to figure out individual styles of learning through innovative and creative styles of teaching and having someone patient enough to teach. That is what she has set out to provide to children with BeScience STEM, her company through which she designs and delivers entertaining science workshops.