100 STEM kits by 100 companies by 2020

Our mission is to create a free educational resource that will inspire children to pursue their interest in STEM and give them the tools they need to succeed in the workforce.  


Less than 1 in 10 students leave secondary school with an A-Level in maths and physics, meaning that, for the first time, UK businesses are facing a skills shortage when it comes to replenishing their workforce. 
Students frequently use the words ‘boring’, ‘unconnected’ and ‘hard’ when describing STEM subjects- so how do we encourage more students to study them?

Relevance is important to teaching and learning because it is directly related to student engagement and motivation. 

Teach a child that ½ + ¼ = ¾ and you confine the lesson to equations and fractions. Give two children one and a half pizzas to share, and you’ve got their attention! 

The Solution - ENGAGEMENT

We want to create 100 STEM kits that have been put together by 100 different companies. You’ll show how STEM is relevant in the context of your company, whether that’s reducing friction on tyres, making pizzas or mixing beauty products.
A copy of each STEM kit will be placed in six different locations around the UK for teachers and local volunteers to use.  When a child completes your lesson, they’ll get a special badge to sew onto their lab coat.  

The Pledge - JOIN US

By pledging your support, you’re investing in the next generation and ensuring that Britain’s businesses will be filled with home-grown talent that you’ve helped nurture. 

We’re always excited to hear from companies, individuals and community groups. 

Click on ‘Pledge your support’ and fill out the form. A member of our team will be in contact to give you more information and to take you through the next steps. 

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